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Reflections at the End of My Career:

Saturday evening was the culmination of 21 Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Workshops. It’s difficult to believe that I have worked as a committee member for that many years. Over the years, I have met many tuba and euphonium artists that have enriched my musical career. The most memorable artists were: Alan Baer, Carol Jantsch, Pat Sheridan, Tom McCaslin, Roger Bobo, Jim Self, Brian Bowman, Harvey Phillips, Gene Pokorny, Marty Ericsson, Roger Behrend, Roger Oyster, Lance LaDuke, Danny Helseth, Marc Dickman, Ben Pierce, Demondrae Thurman, Gail Robertson, Stacy Baker, Fritz Kaenzig, Sverre Olsrud, Sam Pilafian, Brian Meixner, John Mueller, Bob Powers, Adam Lessard, Mike Forbes, Jamie Lipton, Kelly Thomas, Aaron Tindall, Tom Holtz, Tormod Flaten, Matt Tropman, Mark Jenkins, Will Jones, Phil Franke, Ann-Julie Skarpmo, Oysten Baadsvik, Roland, Szentpali, David Bandman, Joe Dollard, Wycliff Gordon, Matthew VanEmmerik, Tim Buzbee, Boston Brass, Canadian Brass, Rodney Mack Philadelphia Big Brass, Sotto Voce, just to name a few.

It’s so hard to believe that I have been able to get to know all of these artists over the years, much less many college professors. My final two performances during the workshop were almost surreal to me. I’ve never had the opportunity to perform a full recital during our workshop, nor had I ever soloed on the Grand Concert prior to this year. It really was incredibly fulfilling for me to give my final solo performances at the workshop.

Not only have I had incredible experiences working on the Workshop Committee over the past twenty-one years, but I’ve also had fantastic solo opportunities outside of the military. I’ve been blessed to perform at: two NERTEC’s, one SERTEC, recitals and master classes at Ithaca College, Northern Illinois University, Reinhardt University, Georgia State University, The University of Oklahoma, The University of Nebraska, The University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, as well as soloing with community bands. I was fortunate to have been a Yamaha Performing Artist for fifteen years and became an XO Professional Brass Artist in 2015.

I’m really looking forward to my future teaching and performing opportunities in the coming school year. This is just the beginning!

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